Many Moons

In honor of our mighty moon and amazing summer nights in general, I have been playing around with a few small original moon water color paintings.
I have them available for purchase. (insert Roger Rabbit blinky eyes here)

PaPaPuhPaPrices include: original painting, FREE shipping (or delivery), AND a small frame or mat.

I hope you all had the chance to create some moon shadows last night, she was a stunner.

please private message me if the below links cause you any complications.
– include shipping details in the notes sections.


4″x6″ Moon Painting with White Frame


5″x7″ Moon Painting with Black Mat



Nothing like a little drama.
Kong is another newbie for the Spring Forward fashion event. So excited to see this guy under the lights, and get a good look at how all of its shiny golds and odd ball colors work together…team work.
This Saturday May 16th tickets still available at

Title: Kong
50 x 65″
for sale.



Here is a little sneak peak at one of my newer abstract pieces for the Spring Forward Fashion event happening this Saturday.
The Parliament has some beautiful things happening.

Title: Piper
24 x 36″
for sale.

Old Friends



Hung out with some old friends today. I haven’t dusted off my oil paint in 8 years, feels good to be back.

(a couple small pieces I started working on this afternoon)

Andi-Simpson-OilPaintings-02 Andi-Simpson-OilPaintings-03

Putting Down the Brush

MollyHands 01 by Andi Simpson  MollyHands 02 by Andi Simpson MollyHands 03 by Andi Simpson

I don’t intend on overwhelming you with paint and color…
Here is a new photo series I’ve been putting energy into lately.
Even though still connected, taking a break from the norm helps in so many aspects of life.

Can’t wait to get these puppies printed! Who wants one?

Grand Opening Party

How exciting…my comrade Miss Alex Dwyer is finally opening the doors to her new venture. I couldn’t be more proud of her. This Friday, June 20th There will be a GRAND OPENING PARTY happening at Redeux.


Is a vintage and handmade marketplace, is York’s most unique shopping destination. It’s a collection of carefully curated merchants selling home decor, housewares, furniture, clothing, jewelry, art and vinyl records. Located at 113 South Duke Street York, Pa 17401

Please join for ribbon cutting, food, drinks and an abundance of coolness.  I will have a few paintings on display (and for sale) throughout the store.

Visit their website or Facebook page for more details.
I will see you there!

Welcome Packet

As manager/owner/operator of Andi Simpson, I would like to personally welcome you to my online gallery space.

Hopefully this venture can give you a behind the scenes peek into what I’ve been up to artistically. I shall do my best to keep you updated on recent projects, events and works in progress. Photos of my dog may show up here on occasion, sometimes I can’t fight it.

I look forward to providing you with visual encouragment.

Welcome & thank you kindly,