Many Moons

In honor of our mighty moon and amazing summer nights in general, I have been playing around with a few small original moon water color paintings.
I have them available for purchase. (insert Roger Rabbit blinky eyes here)

PaPaPuhPaPrices include: original painting, FREE shipping (or delivery), AND a small frame or mat.

I hope you all had the chance to create some moon shadows last night, she was a stunner.

please private message me if the below links cause you any complications.
– include shipping details in the notes sections.


4″x6″ Moon Painting with White Frame


5″x7″ Moon Painting with Black Mat



Nothing like a little drama.
Kong is another newbie for the Spring Forward fashion event. So excited to see this guy under the lights, and get a good look at how all of its shiny golds and odd ball colors work together…team work.
This Saturday May 16th tickets still available at

Title: Kong
50 x 65″
for sale.



Here is a little sneak peak at one of my newer abstract pieces for the Spring Forward Fashion event happening this Saturday.
The Parliament has some beautiful things happening.

Title: Piper
24 x 36″
for sale.

Old Friends



Hung out with some old friends today. I haven’t dusted off my oil paint in 8 years, feels good to be back.

(a couple small pieces I started working on this afternoon)

Andi-Simpson-OilPaintings-02 Andi-Simpson-OilPaintings-03